August 22, 2019

Just WHY Were You Born ??????

 GOD !!!!!

Proof  of a Higher Power in the creation of all Things?

The Scientist are always looking for evidence  out side of the Universe for Living Things's.,The Big Word Is (WHY)

My Name Is Robert L.Grisham and i was raised in the hills of Arkansas USA,

The reason for the interdiction, i am going to tell you a story about proof of all things, you can either investigate what i say or form your own opion. ! 

The start of the story ,start's some 50 years ago, In the State of Missouri,

St.Louis ,Mo to be exact.

I am like many individuals that have gone to church and have been a Bible Thumper and a strong belief in a higher Power. 

Lets start this story! I was at the time living in a suburbs of St.Louis ,MO,

Kirkwood ,Mo to be exact.And i and my brother ,Dean ,and Jerry were in theconstruction business. We got a job working for Anhzer Bush ,He was in the Beer brewing business.In St.Louis,Mo.

If your ever in St.Louis,Mo and go down Gyer Steet You will pass Bushes farm,And if you notice on the North side of the road theirs a large Rod iron Fence,The fence is constructed from Silver war Riffle Barrels,That Bush's grand dad Bought.We became friends with Bush and their was a Brewer for sale in St.Louis and Bush

wanted ,Me and Dean, and Jerry to take it over.I thank the name of the brewer was(VanDyke Beer) The reason for the mention is theirs a story

about the Brewer.

Bush give me the Brewer Master information and I and Dean went and talked to him,He explained what it would take to the Brewer back going

and what was in the buildings.

He give us a couple cases of beer and we went back to our office.

If you have read this far, sound's like it has nothing to do with the line of

the Story of Creation,WE SEE.

Next day i was working on some contracts and mom"s

Sister'shusband came

in, and we were talking His name was Jessie Barnes ,he had just retired from Heracles Powder Plant, In San Frisco ,California.

I ask Jessie to put us a six pact of that beer in a large can of ice water and

we have a beer in little while.And he did and we continue to visit ,and I said

Jessie lets have one of those beers.

So He went to the can to get the beer ,but said theirs no been in the can, i said that's impossible, But sure enough the beer had dissipated.

I called the brew master and told him , he only said you cannot put those

cans in water , the brewer had come up with a new method of making cans

that would melt if placed in water,I said and you mean he has 7500 cases

stacked over in that building.

I called Bush and told him , all he said was the guy was a little cookie,I said

if those cans in that building got wet , every fish in the Mississippi river would be drunk.

This is the start of the real QUESTION? Just WHY WERE YOU BORN,BUSH"S

Question? Does not sound like much , I wrote it down and laid it my desk,

One day , i was reading the question? And Thought Was their a answer to that question?

Their were very few computers  in those day's ,but their were large good


I began working on Bush's Question?And it became a obsession.,I went over

the Bible, scientific works . I did learn a Lot.

I turn the pages back a little , when i was a boy in the 40's, My Mom said for

me go out and roll up the windows n the car.I jumped off the porch and went to the car looking at the sky,it was late in the evening ,their were a few star's ,just at dusk.I saw a movement in the sky and it looked like a falling star,It fell straight at me i thought ,but came to rest over a large

Oak tree just across street ,It was a big round ball ,their were small curl's

all around the large ball ,it had a penile under it, It moved around a bit,

and the curls dissipated. It moved straight towards me and i could see a

large being inside sitting in a large chair,with big balls on each arm,he was bent over looking at some thing.

He or she went over me and the house , made a circle ,went back to the large Oak Tree, paused and started another circle over the barn and to the

back of the lot and back to the Tree,I could hear people down in front of

us talking on their back porch, The large Ball stated another circle,this

time went all the way back to back or the property and their was a small

road going up in the hill , and the object ,Just started up the road , when

one of the ladies ,Hazel Batson saw it and screamed ,you hear her all up

and down those hills, i thought the person in the machine, was all over the

sky trying to get that thing in gear and shot straight up and dissipated.    

No one would believe me are Hazel and the insident was forgotten.I explain

a little more later ON.

This is years later , With studies about the Question ? What is existence

THE Big,BIG Word Still Exist (WHY)

Explanation? The reason scientist and astronomers, have not found another Earth like planet , is our universe is a made thing , Explained.

You cannot take clock apart and throw it out on a table and it will run ,it

must be assembled very carefully to keep time.

OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS BUILT LIKE A CLOCK <and took some great power and

ingenuity to put together ,where as this one planet would keep perfect time.

This was not easy and took Billions of years to accomplish/.

OK that said and proven the Big word was still (WHY) The creator had a plan in mind.

As they say the proof is in the pudding , Theirs all type of proof , on the formation of rocks and evidence all around the universe.

To continue his over all plan's, he need help , so he created LUCIFER,What

he did was beyond the human thought and still is, He created beings also.

The beings in the first age of the earth , I thank had no life span, and many still exist , we call them aliens ,but their like the one i saw when i was a boy, they cannot contact the existing being ,because if they get any type of disease they will die.

In the second generation of the Earth ,Noah's Time , The creator got no beings for his plan, except Noah's family.

This is their time he has tried to get a being for his plans , and has went

thew a great deal of creating a absolutely , way the being can learn of his

intent.He did not use angels beings for this generation's ,he made sure every thing written was by a human being and explained.


Check it look at the Grave Yard.